13 colonies research paper

Hire Writer Overall, the Puritans opposed the idea of religious freedom and strongly supported their own ways of strict religious principles. The Middle Colonies were the complete opposite and were mainly composed of the Quakers of Pennsylvania. Founded by William Penn, a fellow Quaker, his aim was to build a place where freedom of religion was acceptable. With the grant of a huge plot of land, he was able to do so.

13 colonies research paper

Not only did people then respond to fashion, they also varied their garments based on the activity and the formality of the occasion. The garments worn by a blacksmith or dairymaid for daily work were different from their best outfits, reserved for Sundays at church and infrequent special occasions.

As late as there were more Africans in New England than Virginia. Only after the supply of European indentured servants declined in the late s the tobacco planters turn increasingly to enslave Africans.

In the mids, 13 colonies research paper social and racial hierarchies hardened, the slave Anthony Johnson—the black patriarch of Pungoteague Creek on the Eastern Shore—could gain his freedom, acquire a farm, and own a slave himself.

But, by the late s, Virginia began passing laws that made hereditary slavery binding on Africans, mulattoes, and some Indians. Virginia slaves came from many different parts of Africa, where they spoke different languages.

Once in the colony, they had to learn English to communicate with each other. But they developed a distinct dialect that became the vehicle of a unique culture. ByVirginians from Africa were 40 percent of the population.

13 colonies research paper

Various African cultural traditions, including food and cooking preferences, music, dance, vocabulary, religious and healing practices, and folklore mixed to form a new culture that strongly affected white culture as well. This was the result of conscious choice, largely the vision of one man—Sir William Berkeley—royal governor from to and from to When he ssumed authority in Virginia, the colony was a society in flux in many ways.

It would have a few ruling gentry families, a small class of yeomen farmers, a larger group of white tenant farmers, and at the bottom, numerous indentured servants and eventually enslaved Africans.

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Social mobility would be at a minimum, and everyone would know his place. These plans were hindered by the staggering death rate in early Virginia, which made for a highly fluid, unstable society. Thereafter, the colony was run by and for a small governing elite. This class ruled Virginia until after the American Revolution.

Ironically, many scions of these dynasties would be the leaders in the rebellion against King George III. Their population has been estimated to have been about 50, at the time of European colonization. The various peoples belonged to three major language families. The Algonquian who were on the coast, and Siouan and Iroquoian who were in the interior.

In addition, about 30 Algonquian tribes were allied in the powerful Powhatan Confederacy. It is adjacent and complementary to the Historic Jamestown on Jamestown Island which is the actual historic site where the first settlers landed and lived that is run by the National Park Service and Preservation Virginia.

Jamestown was founded for the purposes of a quick profit from gold mining for its investors while also establishing a permanent foothold in North America for England. The next year, a group of these settlers explored southeastern Virginia.

The first English colony in North America that managed to survive began at Jamestown in Although this settlement also ran out of supplies and nearly abandoned init later grew as increasing numbers of colonists arrived. Led by Captain John Smith, the settlers immediately explored the surrounding country, traveling up the James, York, Rappahannock, and Potomac Rivers as far as the fall line.

They observed and wrote about the many villages and natives they met. Smith published an accurate map of the Coastal Plain of Virginia, marking the villages the scouting party discovered. I used several resources, internet based as well as books to find my information.

In this process I learned how the Virginia colony was formed and about the original settlers. I chose Virginia because of the Jamestown settlement and how the colony mysteriously disappeared. This was my report about the 13 colonies and I hope you liked it.

How to cite this page Choose cite format:Areeb Ahmed September 22, APUSH – Block 5 Essay #1 Prompt: Analyze the extent to which religious freedom existed in the British North American colonies prior to Religion, one of the main reasons America is what it is now.

Excerpt from Research Paper: James II.

13 colonies research paper

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All the original thirteen colonies of England were the American states that are Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia.

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