A diamond building

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A diamond building

Like the inventory of the Mishnah 5, it is probably they were gem cutting stones with the hardness of diamond hardness 10 and corundum hardness.

Since we do not have direct evidence how the ancients cut limestone and prepared it for the finest of building construction, evidence of these stones would give us clues of cutting, polishing, faceting, and boring that is evident in ancient structures with skills akin to the modern laser beams.

Ancient Technology in building Stone Buildings The ancients no doubt had magnificent technology in that fact that they built wonderful buildings of dimensions that marvel modern engineers.

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Since the Israelites had a close affinity to the Egyptians, their near neighbors, it is not unreasonable that they shared similar technological advanced in their societies. Stone Granite Vase made on a lathe The technology the Israelites left behind in Egypt was some of the best in the ancient world.

This included circular saws, lathes or machines that rotate, and tube drilling. In the Egyptian Museum in Cairo this beautiful stone vase from Saqqara and the Step Pyramid, in which some scholars identify its builder to be Imhotep, known in scripture as Joseph, the Vizier of Egypt.

At the base the tool marks of a lathe is seen.

A diamond building

It was the famed Egyptian archeologist, Petrie, who stated that " Once again it was W. Flinders Petrie who wrote in The smallest hole yet found in granite is 2 inch diameter. Here a saw was used to cut hard stone to form a level planes.

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The edges of the cut is crisp with parallel lines of a stonecutter with a remarkable steady hand. The basalt was placed on top of the tura limestone of local origin that had been cut and fitted on the bedrock. Then the basalt was given a level cut forming a hard and enduring pavement around the magnificent edifice for the king.

The material of these cutting points is yet undetermined; but only five substances are possible - beryl, topaz, chrysoberyl, corundum or sapphire, and diamond.

The character of the work would certainly seem to point to diamond as being the cutting jewel; and only the considerations of its rarity in general, The hieroglyphs are incised, with a very free-cutting point; they are not scraped or ground out, but are ploughed Diorite bowl with inscriptions on the side through the diorite, with rough edges to the line.

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And when, further, it is seen that these deep grooves are almost always regular and uniform in depth, and equidistant, their production by the successive cuts of the jewel teeth of a saw appears to be beyond question The forms of the tools were straight saws, circular saws, tubular drills, and lathes.

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