Mgt330 week 5 assignment

Carcamo Legal Analysis The California Supreme Court ruled that an employer will be liable for injuries sustained by individuals due to the negligent driving of one of its employees, stating the following: A person injured by someone driving a car in the course of employment may sue not only the driver but that driver's employer. The employer can be sued on two legal theories based on tort principles: Respondeat superior, a form of vicarious liability, makes an employer liable, irrespective of fault, for negligent driving by its employee in the scope of employment.

Mgt330 week 5 assignment

Since then, the brand has grown and evolved, eventually including a moderate amount of breakfast items to sell to its customer base in addition to its specialty coffees.

The main market competitor, Starbucks, as well as McDonald's, Peet's Coffee and Tea, and Winchell's Donuts, all drive the Dunkin Donuts brand to excellence in the battle of specialty coffees and customer service.

The companys comparable store sales have been pressured by a strong competitive breakfast and coffee environment in the restaurant industry Forbes,pp.

Mgt330 week 5 assignment

With over 6, locations in the United States, the Dunkin Donuts brand is a household name, serving over 3 million customers a day. To thrive in competitive market conditions, each Dunkin Donuts must be staffed by employees that are driven to give each customer the best service possible, serving Dunkin Donuts products with a smile.

The founder of the brand, Bill Rosenberg, operated by a simple philosophy, but one that each stores strives to fulfill: Make and serve the freshest, most delicious coffee and donuts quickly and courteously in modern, well-merchandised stores Dunkin Donuts, n.

Opening these five new.MGT Critical Skills in Management MGT Week 1 Individual Assignment, Management Approaches MGT Week 2 Individual Assignment, Essential Management – Leadership and Follower-ship 1 Individual Assignment, Essential Management – Leadership and.

Ashford University MGT Week 1 quiz. $ 1. Question: Costco has been successful in part due to its unique approach to staffing.

Question 5. Question: Diehard Sneakers’ quality control team analyzes how often their product is returned because of defects. What kind of assessment is this? Student Answer: strategic assessment. Discover the best resource for Ashford University homework help: Ashford University study guides, notes, practice tests, and more.

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