Richard ramirez

Getty ImagesRichard Ramirez during his trial.

Richard ramirez

Ramirez brutalized both genders and his murder victims ranged from as young as nine to as old as He shot them and slashed them and bashed them with hammers.

Richard ramirez

He raped them before and after killing them. As the summer of raged his murders became more frequent until he was finally chased down and beaten by an angry mob in East LA after some women in a grocery store recognized him from a photo the police had just released to the newspapers.

Known for his heavy-metal Mexi-Stoner Devil Horns aesthetic and legendarily foul breath, Ramirez lapped up the role of Ultimate Bad Guy during the conservative and tight-lipped s. He became one of the most recognized names and visible faces of the Golden Age of Serial Killer Celebrity that ripped through the nation in the s, competing with other big names such as Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and Jeffrey Dahmer for the public spotlight.

A friend of a friend once recorded a phone conversation with Ramirez from prison where The Night Stalker complained that the artwork in the new line of serial killer trading cards made him look like Michael Jackson.

Richard Ramirez And The Twisted Story Of The "Night Stalker" Serial Killer

To me, that makes him terrifyingly human. So what makes a Richard Ramirez? Looks a little bit like Freddie Mercury, no? Before immigrating, his father had been a policeman in Juarez—just across the border from El Paso and now one of the most dangerous places on Earth—and then snatched a job working on the Santa Fe Railroad.

Richard Ramirez And The Real Story Of The "Night Stalker" Serial Killer

His father allegedly had a violent temper and beat all five of his children. It is believed that a pair of head injuries caused Ramirez to become epileptic. At age two, a dresser fell on his head, requiring 30 stitches.

At age five, Ramirez was knocked out cold after being hit in the head with a park swing. He started having seizures into his teens that rendered him a loner at school.

I saw my cousin shoot his wife.

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The bed was all bloody. It was there where she had landed after the bullet. At the same time it was very… uh. The stillness of the room, the eeriness, you know.

We had to open the windows to ventilate the room and it was something.

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It was… long pause …it was death! I had known the woman. I had known her very well. I went into the living room and saw her purse. I looked through her purse, saw her ID cards and her things.Available for Pre-order.

Richard ramirez

This item will be released on October 2, My name is Richard B. Ramirez. As a faithful public servant of the Orange County Assessor’s Office for 20 years, it is my greatest honor to officially announce that I am running for Orange County Assessor.

Richard Ramirez: Richard Ramirez, American serial killer, rapist, and burglar who murdered at least 13 people in California in – Richard Ramirez (born Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramirez), a.k.a."The Night Stalker", was an American necrophilic (once) serial killer, rapist, robber, and one-time is not to be confused with a serial killer who holds a similar nickname, the Original Night Stalker. In , CNN reported that serial killer Richard Ramirez, also known as "the Night Stalker," had died of natural causes while on death row in California. In the spring and summer of , Ramirez.

An in-depth look at the life of serial killer and rapist, Richard Ramirez, dubbed The Night Stalker. Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramírez, known as Richard Ramirez (February 29, – June 7, ), was an American serial killer, rapist, and highly publicized home invasion crime spree terrorized the residents of the greater Los Angeles area, and later the residents of the San Francisco area, from June until August In deepest, darkest Los Angeles smack-dab in the middle of the Reagan Era, residents were terrified to sleep lest they become the next victim of a serial killer the press were calling “The Night Stalker.”.

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